Farrukh Akbar -in his studio

Farrukh Akbar -in his studio



Artist Statement

Farrukh is a London based artist. He graduated in Fine Arts from Chelsea College of Art (University of Arts London) in 2016 and then completed a Masters degree in September 2018. His practice and research interrogates the 'problematic' relationship between humans and technology. 

In his recent work Farrukh has been trying to explore the impact of global digital technology including artificial intelligence on the future of humankind; examining utopian and dystopian possibilities in the current post-truth era. 

This emerging field of enquiry stems from his deeper interest in science, philosophy and literature. His work has also been influenced by post-humanist art and writing as well as science fiction films. His choice of medium and methodology varies from work to work. He prefers to assess each project individually and choose the appropriate medium that best expresses its idea or concept. This means that Farrukh’s artwork portfolio  is varied and encompasses drawings, paintings, sculpture, videos, projection and photomontage. 

He has regularly shown artwork at a number of major public venues including: The British Museum, Tate Modern and The Royal Academy of Arts.  At most of his recent exhibitions, he has accompanied the works with a programme of interactive talks. He says: ‘..I really enjoy listening to peoples views and their imaginings of how technology, particularly artificial intelligence, will change the future of our species…this feedback is a rich source of research material’.

Over the last year Farrukh has been working on a series entitled ‘Genesis rewound’. This body of work includes a number of mock holographic 3D sculptural installations as well as paintings, videos and writing.

He continues to undertake regular commissioned work from public and commercial organisations as well as private collectors. Collectors of his work range from large multi-national companies such as Global Liberty to local sports clubs such as Purley Sports Club.

E-mail: Farr420@hotmail.com

Telephone: 07962136192

Website: www.AkbarArt.net


  • Top row left: Exhibiting work in a London Gallery

  • Top row 2nd from left: Installing work for an exhibition

  • Top row 3rd from left: At foundry making sculpture

  • Top row extreme right : Painting at his old studio

  • Second row left: Filming at the Photography Studio

  • Second row 2nd from left: Being interviewed by Sky TV at Tate Modern 2018

  • Second row 3rd from left: giving a talk and presenting his artwork at Royal Academy of Art 2017

  • Second row right: Presenting at Tate Modern 2018

  • Third row left: Farrukh Presenting his artwork and giving a talk at British Museum Jun 2018

  • Third row 2nd from left: Farrukh showing video and sculpture at MA show Sept 2018