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Farrukh was born in Lahore but has lived in UK since the age of six.  He is a full-time artist working  from his London studio. Current practice and research interrogates the ‘problematic’ relationship between humans and technology. Artwork explores the impact of digital technology including artificial intelligence on the future of humankind; examining utopian and dystopian possibilities in the current post-truth epoch. 

Farrukh uses a wide range of media including drawing, painting, sculpture, video, projection, print making and photomontage. 

Specialisms include creating site specific installations and presenting themed interactive talks.




MA in Fine Art - Chelsea College of Art, UAL, 2018

Graduate Diploma Fine Art - Chelsea College of Art, UAL, 2016

Qualified Chartered Accountant - ACA (Institute of Chartered Accountants England and Wales) 



Sample of Art Exhibitions and Events:


20 Sept-12 Oct 2018: Made in Arts London- TM Lighting Gallery, London WC1: Group show

Jun 2018: The British Museum, Late Event: ‘Modern inspired by Ancient’, showed artwork installation and presented interactive talks 

6-11 March 2018: Tate Modern  - Tate Exchange: ‘Art work of the Future’  a group collaboration - Showed artwork installation and presented interactive talks

8 March 2018: Tate Modern, Gave a public talk on behalf of the Tate about their artwork : 'Bakelite Robot' by Nam June Paik

25 January 2018: Tate Modern, Late Event - Uniqulo: ‘Production’ theme. Showed artwork installation and presented interactive talks

October 2017: MAFA Gallery, London - ‘Robots dream in colour’- Showed artwork and presented interactive talks

Sept 2017: Chelsea College of Art - ‘Genesis Rewound’ - Showed artwork installation and presented interactive talks

Aug 2017: Royal Academy of Art, Late Event: ‘The other Paradise’ , showed artwork and presented interactive talks

Oct, 2016:  ‘Punctum Gallery’, London. Group Exhibition: ’Beginnings of Truth’

June 2016: ’Punctum Gallery’, London. Group Exhibition 

May 2016: The ’Safehouse Gallery’, London. Group Exhibition

Feb 2016: ’Cookhouse Gallery’. London. Group Exhibition







Tate Modern - one week residency in March 2018 as part of the Tate Exchange and Digital Makers Collective project to host a week-long show ‘Art works of the Future’


Relevant Professional courses:


UAL Module digital workshop - June 2017. A two week digital workshop at Somerset House, London. 


UAL ‘Black Arts’ workshop - Sept 2016. A one week workshop on the influence and work of black artists across the world - hosted by Professor Sonia Boyce MBE,RA.


Slade College of Art - July 2014. Seven week summer art course programme. 


Example of Commissioned work:


Royal Academy of Art - Created a site-specific holographic sculpture and a slide presentation for a themed event

British Museum - Created a site-specific holographic sculpture and developed a lecture for a themed event

Ascent Insurance - Large oil painting and photomontage for their City of London Boardroom. 

Frontier Economics - Large oil paining and photomontage on perspex for their Central London Head Office.

Purely Sports Club - A large oil painting on canvas for their new tennis pavilion.

Motashaw Medical Practice- A large wall mounted oil painting for their main entrance hall.



Collections :


Artwork collections are held by a range of collectors including large multinational companies such as Global Liberty to local sports clubs and medical practices. 



Core Skills and Competencies:


Painting & drawing


Film making

Presentation skills 

Project management

Collaborative working

IT skills including Adobe Photoshop, Premier Pro and Final Cut Pro

Media Presentation including experience on Live National TV

Budgeting and Accountancy